Beautifully Interrupted; When God Holds the Pen that Writes Your Story.

Author:Woltman, Angela
Position:Brief article - Book review

Teresa Swanstrom Anderson; BEAUTIFULLY INTERRUPTED; Worthy Publishing (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 16.99 ISBN: 9781683972600

Byline: Angela Woltman

In her inspiring and vulnerable memoir Beautifully Interrupted, popular Christian speaker and blogger Teresa Swanstrom Anderson notes that while she has always had a relationship with God, it wasn't until she gave up the path she thought she should be on that she truly saw what her life was meant to be.

Raised in a deeply religious family, Anderson developed a relationship with God at an early age. Anderson knew that life was about helping others and living for a larger purpose, but she didn't quite know what that meant for her. When her family took a trip to Europe in her teens, she began to see that her ideas of career, family, and the future were not in her hands; she turned to prayer to find out what was expected of her.

Covering her marriage, motherhood, and international adoption, Beautifully Interrupted is emotionally raw and powerful. Anderson argues that a life lived for God's glory is not always...

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