Beat mail.

Position:Carta al editor

On Wednesday July 16, 2003 we lost Cuban Music icon Celia Cruz. Celia lost her battle with cancer and the world lost a great singer. Celia and her music will live forever in our hearts and minds. I will never forget those days I spent as a child reluctantly listening to her music. Of course I knew nothing and thought to myself, any music my parents listened to must be bad and therefore not cool. Now, I own every album she has ever released and spend my spare time spreading the gospel about this wonderful music through our web-site. If only I could relive that moment in time as a child I would dance till the cows came home, mind you, we lived in the concrete jungles of New Jersey and there was absolutely no chance of any cows even setting foot on mi calle. Juan Lopez/

What a marvelous new look for the Hit Parades ... received the August issue and was dazzled by the new look. Great job!

Arturo Gomez, Denver

In the past year, I have been able to experience the joy of Latin music. This is due to my meeting a wonderful woman. She has opened my life to many things, including music. Because of this, I have recently found your website and it has been a great source of information for me. I really enjoy the nightlife section, the music news section (I love music and she has opened me up to a new genre) and, of course, the list of events happening around the country. This list helps me to find something that my girlfriend would enjoy doing. I have tried to show here some great times (she has led a difficult life) and you have helped. Her one wish is to meet Pepe Aguilar. On August 24, I'll get her close by having second row seats to his concert at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. It will be a...

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