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Thank you for having Vicki Sola as a contributing writer on your magazine. My wife and I are avid listeners of her radio show on Saturday afternoons as well as ardent readers of your very informative publication.

Vicki plays nothing but the best old and new Latin rhythms, the music she calls Salsa Gorda or heavy salsa.

Benny Cruz/Cliffside Park, New Jersey

I live in Athens, Greece and I wish to subscribe to your apparently excellent magazine. Via a friend in Los Angeles, California, I finally received a copy to examen. For your guidance my musical interests are Latin jazz, salsa and boleros, of which I already have over 300 CDs. The name of your publication became known to me having bought the CD LA Amistad. Please let me know the cost of the subscription to Greece and whether it includes mailing charges. Many thanks in advance for your reply.

Mike Ivos/Athens, Greece

I have been reading your publication for about a year and really enjoy the articles and CD reviews. So far everything I have purchased on the views of your writers has been satisfactory-to-excellent to my ears. I'm a closet musician with a jazz and rock background and only in recent years started listening to tropical salsa music as well as most other Latin rhythms and forms. Brazilian music is my latest musical concern but it seems to have a minimal coverage in Latin Beat. Perhaps this can be remedied in the near future. I'm sure many of your readers like myself will thank you dearly. Anyway, you are doing a great job and every issue I learn a little more about Latin music. Gracias.

Lola Myers/Little Rock,...

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