Bears Ears; Views from a Sacred Land.

Author:Jagareski, Rachel
Position:Book review

Stephen E. Strom; BEARS EARS; George F. Thompson Publishing (Nonfiction: Photography) 40.00 ISBN: 9781938086564

Byline: Rachel Jagareski

Bears Ears National Monument has been in the news of late as the Trump administration sought to dramatically scale back its protected acreage. Bears Ears: Views from a Sacred Land is a visual and literary introduction to this singular landscape, with a thorough textual tour of its social and geological history alongside Strom's dazzling color photographs and a prayer-poem by Joy Harjo.

The monument derives its name from twin buttes that resemble two pointy ears poking out from the desert horizon. Strom's panoramic, aerial, and other sharp photographs capture alluring and complex patterns in the rocky landscape in different seasons and lighting. From the subtle pastel striations in the sedimentary rock to dramatic sunset shadows and snow-tipped canyons and mountains, it's a vibrant photographic portrait of a remote, almost otherworldly geography.

Capping the photographic survey is Strom's lyrical essay about how this unique place exhibits many aspects of Earth's formation and provides "a visible record of deep time." The former...

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