Bear's Tooth; 1. Max.

Author:Dabbene, Peter
Position:Brief article - Book review

Yann and Alain Henriet (illustrator); BEAR'S TOOTH; Cinebook (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 13.95 ISBN: 9781849183321

Byline: Peter Dabbene

Bear's Tooth 1: Max, a graphic novel by Yann and Alain Henriet, is the first of three books so far that tell the story of three childhood friends whose fates will be linked as adults throughout World War II.

Translated from the original French, Bear's Tooth begins with an exciting World War II battle scene: an American convoy fighting off a kamikaze attack at sea. One pilot's actions stand out, and via flashback, he is introduced as a child, along with his two friends.

Max, Hanna, and Werner grow up in Silesia, a Polish area whose control is disputed by Germany. The kids all dream of piloting planes, but complicating matters is the fact that Max is Jewish, while Werner and Hanna are of German descent.

Werner dismisses Max's concerns about the creeping Nazi influence: "Nazism? Pah! It's just like scouting!" But Max's family, fleeing persecution, emigrates to America, putting Max on the course to becoming a...

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