Beam, Matt. Can you spell revolution?

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position:Brief article - Children's review - Book review

BEAM, Matt. Can you spell revolution? Penguin, Dutton. 272p. c2008. 978-0-525-47998-7. $1799. J

Chris, an 8th-grader, hates all the rules of middle school, but not nearly as much as the mysterious new student, Clouds McFadden. Determined to bring about change, and inspired by the French Revolution, Clouds teams up with Chris and three other students to commit "acts of dissent." Boris, for instance, sets out to change a teacher's dull instructional methods by instigating a note-taking strike, inspired by Gandhi, while Susan challenges the tyranny of the Magnas, a group of popular girls. Landry works at getting a teacher to stop picking on him, while Chris wants to improve the boring school assemblies. And Clouds ... well, in his efforts to fight student oppression he ends up becoming a...

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