BEA's 50th anniversary celebration: a note from the editor.

Author:Godfrey, Donald G.

This issue marks the 50th anniversary of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA). We are celebrating a half-century tradition of teaching, research, and service excellence. A look back at that first issue of the Journal of Broadcasting (Winter 1956-57), now available via our new publisher, LEA, reflects just how far we have come.

The BEA was formally organized in 1955 as the Association for Professional Broadcast Education (APBE). The organization took its present name in 1973. For 50 years now, the BEA has facilitated research in broadcasting and promoted interaction between academicians, the increasingly varied industry, and our students. The BEA's roots actually date back to 1948 when a small group of professors established the University Association for Professional Radio Education (UAPRE).

The Journal of Broadcasting, has grown to include original research reflecting an increasing variety of research topics concerning all aspects of broadcasting and electronic media. It is the flagship journal of our association and has helped establish our discipline within academe. It has survived the challenges of dramatic change within both "our" industry and the university worlds. It has always sought to meet and improve the requirements for good scholarship and industry analysis. In coming years, we will continue this legacy of original research excellence, forging bridges, creating new theory, and contributing new knowledge to that growing body of literature. Our aim is to maintain the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (JOBEM) at the forefront of research, projecting analysis and new theory related to both past and present...

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