Be your own lobbyist.


Every day the Legislature is in session, dozens of lobbyists (including those from the Chamber) roam the halls of the Capitol complex hoping to get a moment to plead their case to a particular Senator or Representative. But lobbyists in Lansing and Washington will tell you that the most effective lobbyist is an individual from that legislator's district.

I know what you are saying, "I don't know what the issues are," or "I'm not even sure what to say." Fortunately, the Detroit Regional Chamber, with the sponsorship of AT&T, is here to help. If you click on you have a host of ready made issues and e-mails to send to you legislators. No need to comb through the thousands of bills proposed every year to figure out what is relevant. No need to try and figure out who your legislator is and who are key individuals to contact. No need to even figure out how to best make your arguments. We've done it all for you.

In the past few months alone we've put up action alerts asking your help in lobbying state and federal governments on the merger on Northwest Airlines and Delta to bring the largest and best airline to Detroit Metro Airport. We've asked for your help in increasing...

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