Be Audacious; Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life That Matters.

Author:Middendorf, Bobbye
Position:Book review

Michael Leach; BE AUDACIOUS; WestWinds Press (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 18.99 ISBN: 9781941821725

Byline: Bobbye Middendorf

Practical exercise, mantras, compelling anecdotes, and stories of scrappiness all help instill an audacious kind of confidence in kids.

Be Audacious features stories of grit and scrappiness that are required for overcoming adversity; the vulnerability needed at the heart of authentic leadership; purposeful, sustainable passion as keys that unlock potential; and the planning needed for big dreams.

At 35, author Michael Leach inspires youth and millennials, living his life as testament to and training ground for the book's "be audacious" message. He shapes a captivating tale, supported by practical exercises, mantras, and compelling anecdotes. His personal growth lessons resonate as an embodiment of the Be Audacious movement, philosophy, and way of life -- to "inspire people to pursue their passion, live a life that matters, and change the world."

Being diagnosed at 19 with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a chronic autoimmune disorder, served to shatter his dream on the basketball court. Later, Leach recounts coaching his basketball team from a wheelchair after surgery, leading to a cultural healing during playoffs with a reservation team. "I don't share the stories to wow you or to boost my ego; I simply wish to remind you of what is...

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