Bay Bridge.

Author:White, Kai
Position:Book review

Donald MacDonald (author), Ira Nadel (author); BAY BRIDGE; Chronicle Books (Nonfiction: Architecture) 16.95 ISBN: 9781452113265

Byline: Kai White

Bay Bridge architect uses his intimate knowledge to detail the technical, political, and geographical hurdles involved in construction of the historic span.

Author and illustrator Donald MacDonald evokes all the mythic splendor and danger of the "Titan of Bridges" in his book, Bay Bridge: History and Design of a New Icon. As the architect of the new eastern span of the bridge, MacDonald brings intimate knowledge of the technical, political, and geological hurdles involved in its construction. Experts will delight at the technical language describing the bridge as the first "mono-cable, deck-anchored, vehicular-carrying suspension bridge in the world." And the average reader will recognize the significance of its status as the "world's longest single-tower suspension bridge." He also provides history of the the original 1930s construction of the bridge, when twenty-seven men died, "some falling into the concrete as it was being poured," and, more horrifying, that "work could not stop to extricate them."

The book can be used as a companion text in architecture, urban planning, design, engineering, or preservation courses. It can also serve as an important case study for the complex web of stakeholders in large public...

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