Baxter International Inc. has introduced a new comprehensive guide to building a smart infusion system drug library. The guide is available now on the website of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), the leading medication safety organization, at

Drug libraries help clinicians identify potential infusion errors before they harm patients by checking the pump's programming against a curated list of medications and fluids and their medically appropriate dose ranges. If programming exceeds drug library limits, smart pumps will alert clinicians.

A carefully built drug library is critical for the safe and effective use of any smart infusion system. This publication guides comprehensive drug library development and integration with an electronic health record, and is designed to advance infusion safety in all hospitals regardless of infusion system, said guide lead author, Tim Hoh, RPh, senior manager, Medical Affairs, Baxter.

Baxter incorporated input from ISMP into a tool intended to be used by the many diverse stakeholders within a hospital, including the pharmacy team, nursing staff, prescribers and IT representatives, all of whom serve crucial roles on building and maintaining the drug library.

Baxter developed the guide based on real-world experience helping to build drug libraries for thousands of healthcare facilities that use the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System, which has resulted in hospitals achieving an average 97 percent drug library compliance rate within the first month of implementation.

About Sigma Spectrum Infusion System

Sigma Spectrum's hardware works in concert with the pump's software to encourage use of innovative features that are designed to help enhance patient safety and clinician efficiency. For example, the pumps automatically default to the installed drug library without requiring clinicians to take extra steps to opt-in...

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