Baumgarten, RAKO and X-label merge to form All4Labels group.

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* Baumgarten, RAKO and X-Label, three successful European label companies, have merged and established a new brand identity: the AlWLabels--Global Packaging Group. The privately-owned company provides products for more than 2,000 customers at 26 production facilities worldwide.

The companies reported a combined turnover of more than 450m[euro] in 2016.

By merging the three companies, Baumgarten, RAKO and X-label Group, the owner families decided to form the A114Labels --Global Packaging Group. The complete name change of the companies will probably take 12 months. The A114Labels Group will join their strengths: As a global leader in digital label printing, the RAKO Group has extensive professional know-how in digital production processes. With a focus on the home and personal care label markets, the X-label Group evolved to become a leader in supply chain-oriented packaging solutions. The Baumgarten Group has been one of the largest and most innovative printing companies in...

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