Bateman, Katherine R. The young investor: projects and activities for making your money grow.

Author:Piwowarczyk, Linda
Position:Book Review - Brief Article

Chigaco Review Press, dist. by Independent Publishers. 124p. illus. tables, index. c2001. 1-55652-396-3. $13.95. JS

This is an easy-to-follow and informative look at how teens cap earn, use, and attempt to increase their money. The book's strength is its short, clear, and simply stated subject divisions of what could be considered a rather daunting subject. Each chapter concludes with a helpful review of the points considered. Financial terms are explained using familiar comparisons--the Index of Leading Economic Indicators as a monthly report card, the nation's money supply to a really big allowance, consumer confidence as driving a cyclical economic wheel, and stock sectors as music CD categories like Rock 'n Roll" or "R & B." Even the seemingly complex process of how the stock market works is made easily understood by comparisons with the way popular sport...

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