Barth-Grozinger, Inge. Something remains, a novel.

Author:Theiss, Nola
Position:Brief article - Book review

BARTH-GROZINGER, Inge. Something remains, a novel. Hyperion. 390p. c2004. 9780-7868-3881-3. $8.99. JS

Unlike many books about the Holocaust, this novel focuses on the time period of 1933-1938 and is based on the lives of real people living in a small town in Germany. It traces the life of Erich Levi, a boy of 12, who goes from a comfortable life filled with friends, school, the town pool and a loving family, to a world turned upside down. His father sells cattle and his mother and a maid take care of the family's two sons. With the rise of Hitler, their small town, their friends, employees, teachers and fellow students begin to change as the political winds shift. Soon their lives are filled with terror and, as they begin to feel the noose...

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