Barry E. Carter.

Author:Stewart, David P.

As most of you know, a few short months ago Barry Carter lost his long struggle with a medical condition against which he had struggled valiantly for many years.

Barry was a longtime, active, and dedicated member of this Society--for over thirty years--and had in fact served as its Executive Director from 1992 to 1993. His book, International Economic Sanctions: Improving the Haphazard U.S. Legal Regime (Cambridge University Press, 1988) received the Society's annual Certificate of Merit award for creative scholarship in 1989.

Barry spent much of his career in academia, teaching at Georgetown Law, and he loved few things more than working with students and encouraging their interest in and enthusiasm for various kinds of careers in international law. No doubt many of you here today are familiar with his widely used casebook, International Law (6th ed. 2011), most recently coauthored with Alan Weiner.

In the tradition of many members of this Society, Barry's career also included substantial government experience, in his case beginning during the Vietnam era as a program analyst on NATO and defense budget issues in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, then service on Henry Kissinger's National Security Council staff, and later as a senior counsel on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities.

Barry spent a...

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