Barron, T.A. The Great Tree of Avalon: child of the dark prophecy.

AuthorWinship, Michele
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

BARRON, T.A. The Great Tree of Avalon: child of the dark prophecy. Penguin, Philomel. 444p. map. c2004. 0-399-23763-1. $19.99. JS

In book one of what is sure to be an epic series, Barron introduces readers to his fantasy world of Avalon, taking creative liberties with its Arthurian roots. Barton's Avalon is a great tree spanning heaven and earth whose roots form seven different realms--Woodroot, Waterroot, Stoneroot, Mudroot, Airroot, Fireroot, and Shadowroot--each with its own unique inhabitants and landscapes. In this first book, a prologue sets the tone. A child is born in the year of darkness who will destroy Avalon unless the heir of Merlin can save the world from ultimate destruction. The main character is Tamwyn, born in the year of darkness, who longs to travel the different realms of Avalon. He finds himself thrown into the entourage of a haughty, soon-to-be high priestess and her companions who are seeking the wisdom of the lady of the lake to save them from the prophecy. Acting as a wilderness guide, Tamwyn leads the group of humans and...

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