Barron, T.A. Shadow on the stars.

Author:Winship, Michele
Position:Brief Article - Children's Review - Book Review

BARRON, T.A. Shadow on the stars. (The Great Tree of Avalon, Book 2.) Penguin, Philomel. 430p. c2005.0-399-23764-X. $19.99. JS

The second book in the Avalon series picks up where the first left off, and readers will be well rewarded for their wait. Following a harrowing vision of the future that might be from the top of Merlin's Stargazing Stone Tamwyn, Elli and Scree now must part ways as each takes on a quest crucial to the future of the realms of the Great Tree. Rhita Gawr, the wicked warlord of the Otherworld, is moving ahead in his plan to take over Avalon, as well as the worlds beyond, and if he is not stopped, all life is doomed. Tamwyn follows in his father's path up the trunk of the great tree to reach the stars in order to relight the darkened Wizard's Staff. Elli travels through the root realms to find and destroy Rhita Gawr's dark crystal of destruction. Scree comes face to face with a clan of bloodthirsty...

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