E-business barriers in Iran's free trade zones.

Author:Sarlak, Mohammad Ali


At the present time, most countries with similar goals have acted to establish free trade and special economic zones. Islamic republic of Iran too, understanding the importance of establishment of free trade zones has initiated remarkable efforts in providing the necessary infrastructures for the activities relating to free trade zones. The results of these efforts, up to the time of writing this essay had been designing of 6 free trade zones and 20 special economic zones in Iran (Table 1).

Table 1: Iran's free trade and special economic zones Iran's free Zones Type Websites Kish Free Trade Zone www.kishfreezone.org Qeshm Free Trade Zone www.qeshm.ir Chabahar Free Zone Free Trade Zone (www.chabaharfz.com) Anzali Free Zone Free Trade Zone http://www.iftiz.org.ir Aras Free Zone Free Trade Zone www.jolfa.org Arvand Free Zone Free Trade Zone www.arvandfreezone.ir Sirjan Special Economic Zone www.kdo.irinfo@kdo.ir Sarakhs Special Economic Zone Astan-e Ghods Razavi Payam Special Economic Zone www.payamaviation.ir Khuzistan Special Economic Zone http://www.iftiz.org.ir Salafchegan Special Economic Zone www.qssez.com Khorramshahr Special Economic Zone www.khorramshahrport.com Persian gulf ship Special Economic Zone Persian Gulf Ship building Building S.E.Z Arg-E-jadid Special Economic Zone www.arg-jadid.com Petrochemcal Special Economic Zone www.nipc.com Bandar bushehr Special Economic Zone www.pso-bushehr.ir Bushehr Special Economic Zone www.bsez.ir Bandar amirabad Special Economic Zone http://www.iftiz.org.ir behshahr Bandar shahid Special Economic Zone www.shahidrajaeeport.ir raja'ee Mines and metals Special Economic Zone Mines and Metals S.E.Z Pars Special Economic Zone Mines and Metals S.E.Z Sang-e-lorestan Special Economic Zone http://www.iftiz.org.ir Shiraz electric and Special Economic Zone www.seez.ir electronics Yazd textile Special Economic Zone www.yazdiec.ir industries The nature of free zone and special economic zones are almost the same. The only difference is that retail trade is allowed in the free zones and it is not allowed in the special economic zone. Special economic zones are also for more of a larger activity for trade and industry A key challenge that has arisen within Iran's Free trade and special economic zones is encouraging Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to adopt more advanced E-business applications and for these to integrate better with business processes and applications. With the emergence of Internet, companies are facing new challenges such as intensive global competition, more demanding customers, rapidly shrinking product Life cycles and short response time. As a result, companies are racing against time to achieve the competitive advantage by offering a wider range customer of product and service portfolio.


Definition of E-business: E-business can be described as the new business logic that operates in a world without boundaries. It refers to a broader definition of Electronic Commerce, not just buying and selling but also servicing customers, providing an integrated business environment...

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