Barrier-Free Theatre.

Author:Charpentier, Julia Ann
Position:Book review

Sally Bailey (author); BARRIER-FREE THEATRE; Idyll Arbor (Performing Arts) $36.00 ISBN: 9781882883783

Byline: Julia Ann Charpentier

Drama is a glamorous profession that attracts and demands the gifted to work as actors, directors, or producers. However, drama can also be an educational tool with therapeutic value which can help students to overcome physical or developmental barriers.

Barrier-Free Theatre is an extensive and invaluable manual for teachers and anyone else responsible for accommodating the special needs of children and adults with disabilities. Sally Bailey's book is divided into twelve chapters with elaborate recommended reading lists, references, and a structural checklist for building accessibility. She covers basic adaptations as well as improvisational classes. She details lesson plans and activities, offering suggestions on how to develop original scripts, and discusses the rehearsal process. An entire chapter is devoted to puppetry. Bailey defines various physical and cognitive disabilities, clarifying and providing advice for those unfamiliar with specific conditions such as cerebral palsy, blindness, ADHD, and Down syndrome.

Bailey has been a registered drama therapist since 1990 and holds multiple degrees in her fields. This award-winner has held artistic and management positions at Richmond's TheatreVirginia and the Folger...

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