Barnum Brown.

Position:Book review

Lowell Dingus (author), Mark A. Norell (author); BARNUM BROWN; University of California Press (Biography) $29.95 ISBN: 9780520252646

The biography genre is an art form in itself. The author must balance hefty research with the storyline. Itas easy for the book to founder. Too heavy on the facts and footnotes? The reader will lose interest. Too chatty? The book loses credibility. But occasionally, a biography strikes the perfect note between the two extremes. [i]Barnum Brown[/i] brings the past to life in a way that educates the reader about a gripping time in American history, and the man who found himself at the forefront of the action.

Born a farmeras son in 1873, Barnum Brown became a hero for his work in the emerging field of paleontology. His best-known find was the complete fossilized skeleton of [i]Tyrannosaurus Rex[/i] in the Montana Badlandsathe crowning achievement of his lifelong dedication to the study of prehistoric life. At the peak of his career, aMr. Bonesa was one of the most famous scientists in the world. aPeople would flock to the train station when he arrived in the field to collect dinosaur fossilsa[bar]In a sense, he became every bit as legendary as the dinosaurs he discovered.a

Drawing from field correspondence, letters, and Brownas unpublished notes, Lowell Dingus and Mark Norell offer a piercing look at the dinosaur-hunting craze of the early 1900s. They have rich soil to work, and it yields excellent fruit. Quotes from the original documents are seamlessly included in the text...

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