A Barnstormer Aviator.

Position:A Barnstormer Aviator: My Personal Journey to Scarf and Goggles Flying in the 1930s - Brief article - Book review

A Barnstormer Aviator

Nick Vuyosevich and Nina Anderson

Safe Goods Publishing


9781513639987 $16.95 amazon.com

Synopsis: Living in the 1930s, with nary a nickel in his pocket, an immigrant's son learned to fly. This was Nick's story written by him fifty years after that first solo. Come back to the time when crashes were common, navigation was I follow roads, scarf and goggles were standard pilot gear, and barnstorming was the way to get folks out to the airport for a ride. Written by a pilot from the 1930s who tells his story of learning to fly in Clarence Chamberlin s airplanes and becoming a barnstormer, who founded the Jersey City Flying Club, Clifton and Whippany airports. He tells his adventures in flying the Hisso Standard, Swallow two place with OX5 and Kinner engines, Waco, Great Lakes, along with the Consolidated Trainer, as well as the Curtiss Fledging, Eaglerock, and many...

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