Barnes Bullets.

Author:Smith, Roxanne
Position:2011 New Products

Barnes Bullets

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Barnes' Match Burners are designed for competitive shooters, and are offered in: 52-gr..224" FB, 69-gr..224" BT, 85-gr. .224" BT, 68-gr..243" FB, 105-gr..243" BT, 140-gr..264" BT, 155-gr..308" BT and 175-gr..308" BT.

Barnes introduces new TAC-TX bullets and expands its line of TAC-X, TAC-XP and TAC-RRLP bullets. TAC-TX (Tactical Tipped TSX Bullet) is now available in 95-gr..277" BT (6.8mm). TAC-XP (Tactical X Pistol) is now available in 125-gr..357" FB (357 Mag.), 125-gr..400" FB (10mm/40 S&W) and 155-gr..400" FB. TAC-RRLP (Tactical Reduced Ricochet Limited Penetration) is now offered in 150-gr..308" FB.


MPG (Multi-Purpose Green) lead-free bullets are designed for AR rifles and feature a powdered-metal, copper-tin core surrounded by a gilding metal jacket for limited penetration. New bullets for 2011 are 150-gr..308" FB and 55-gr. .224" FB. Both are offered in bulk pack.

Barnes VORTX bullets offer d double-diameter expansion, maximum weight retention, are all copper and are loaded with TSX, Tipped TSX or TSX FN bullets. VOR-TX line includes Pistol & Revolver (P&R) Hunting...

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