Bark on the Brig.

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Work Title: Bark on the Brig

Work Author(s): Alex Moore


Byline: Alex Moore

"Pour, oh, pour the pirate sherry; / Fill, oh, fill the pirate glass..." sing the rogues in The Pirates of Penzance. Filling the glass, too, with buccaneer books are independent publishers.

Often asked which way the breezes blow, I respond from the west---Disney west. The Pirates of the Caribbean series with Captain Jack Sparrow saluting from a sinking mast is the highest grossing movie series ever. Enthusiasm for these tatterdemalions doesn't flag. I'll mention some books we would've liked to have reviewed and some we did.

One of Candlewick's "ology" books reflecting the publisher's penchant for taking themes and swirling them into quasi-science, such as Dragonology and Wizardology, is Pirateology: Guide to Life on Board a Pirate Ship (978-0-7636-3582-4) written by the mythical Captain William Lubber. Lubber has asked the assistance of the captured Captain Carlton to provide descriptions of how pirates manage ships. Carlton delves into the components of sea craft such as bilges, ballast, and bulkheads. Featured is a ready-to-assemble pirate ship model that flies a Jolly Roger.

Pirates: Fearsome Fighters by Rachael Hanel (The Creative Company; 978-1-58341-537-5) is an account of pirate history for the young. Interesting treasures of information are awash; for example, "Sometimes pirates even wore disguises, dressing as women to appear as innocent passengers" to trick an unsuspecting ship. Two female fearsome fighters who dressed as men were actually pirates: Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

BarefootBooks offers Port Side Pirates! (978-1-84686-062-1) by Oscar Seaworthy about a boy who recounts in pirate poetry the day he sailed. "Oh we go this way, / that way, / Port side, Starboard / over the deep blue sea." In chunks of color Debbie Harter paints black triangles of hats, purple stripes of pantaloons, and gold circles of doubloons.

Many shipboard...

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