Barak Obama and the Future of American Politics.

AuthorTaylor, Joe
PositionBook review

Work Title: Barak Obama and the Future of American Politics

Work Author(s): Paul Street

Paradigm Publishers

Softcover $23.95 (268pp)

Political Science

ISBN: 9781594516313

Reviewer: Joe Taylor

For two years now, Republicans have been labeling Barack Obama a liberal, and often a "far left" liberal. Paul Street's critique of the Democratic presidential frontrunner comes not from the right but from the progressive left. Once vice president of research and planning at the Chicago Urban League, Street worked for John Edwards' presidential campaign. His articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Z Magazine, the Journal of Social History, and other periodicals. His book is required reading for progressives, but citizens from all corners, whether or not they agree, will find that Street's thesis is carefully researched and documented, and well argued. Under particular scrutiny here are Obama's writings and speeches and much of the commentary and reporting about him from his 2004 Keynote Address at the Democratic National Convention up to June 8 of 2008, just after he sealed the nomination. Street maintains that the senator is by no means a progressive and, contrary to popular opinion, not a liberal. Street looks closely at several vital issues that confront the electorate today---foreign policy and the Iraq war, health care reform, the economy, and race relations---and rates Obama as an "ideologically neutral" candidate in the typical "Coke vs. Pepsi" style of US elections. Like all Democratic presidents since FDR, Street submits that "an Obama White House could be expected...

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