Barack Obama, by the numbers.

Author:Lueders, Bill
Position::SMOKING GUN - Brief article - Statistical data

As the Obama Administration comes to a close and prepares to take its place in history, let's look at some measures of its performance. How did No. 44 do?

Corporate profits (annual rate, after taxes) As of the last quarter of 2008 (before Obama took office): $671.4 billion As of the second quarter of 2016: $1.637 trillion Source: FRED Economic Data Jobs Number of job openings in January 2009: 2,767,000 Number of job openings in September 2016: 5,486,000 Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Health coverage Number (and percentage) of Americans without health Insurance in 2010, before Obamacare: 48.6 million (16 percent) Number in March 2016: 27.3 million (8.6 percent) Source: National Center for Health Statistics Incarcerated population 1980 (before Reagan): 503,600 1993 (after Reagan and G.H.W. Bush): 1,369,200 2009 (when Obama took office): 2,297,700 2014 (last official count): 2,224,400 Source: U.S. Bureau of Justice...

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