Banks can use e-learning program about credit to reach teens, young adults.

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There's a new way for bankers to extend their name recognition and to reach into local schools and universities--where young people (tomorrow's customers) are concentrated.

This way is through a new e-learning program from the ABA Education Foundation entitled, "Get Smart about Credit." The self-paced interactive program gives teens and young adults an online experience where they learn how to obtain and manage credit.

This program is offered to banks for an annual licensing fee based on asset size. Banks can offer this program from their own website, branded with the bank logo and color-customized screens. And, unlike many financial education programs, the Get Smart program will allow banks to track certain data.

Developed for young people age 14 to 22 years, the program teaches the basics of good credit management in an engaging and interactive way to capture the attention of the target audience.

Subjects covered include:

* Becoming creditworthy.

* Budgeting.


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