Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga.

Position:Book review

Band of Shadows: The Scarlet Onyx Saga

H. P. Waitt

Spilled Ink, LLC

9781732998308, $24.99, HC, 402pp,

Synopsis: Scarlet has no idea who she is. And after spending nearly a decade in the foster system, she has never quite felt like she belonged. In fact, for the first seventeen years of her life she didn't even know her last name.

Night after night, she is plagued by a dream of a strange-looking door. Until finally, she stumbles upon that very door and is thrust into another realm, a place unlike anything she has ever seen. Now alone in the unknown world of Avalon, a land where the plants have healing powers, the birds play games, and the trees hide the most valuable secrets, Scarlet meets Morgana, the island's enigmatic leader who unveils the truth: Scarlet is a Faye, a powerful race of people whose population was nearly decimated during the Shadow Wars.

But Morgana didn't bring Scarlet to Avalon solely to keep her safe. Unsure who to trust or what to believe, Scarlet learns that the truth isn't always what it seems. There is...

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