BAN THE BIAS: The U.S. Military Should Welcome Transgender Troops.

AuthorCompere, John

The U.S. Department of Defense should continue to provide transgender Americans the right to serve in our armed forces and reject the bigoted ban attempt by an egregious executive who evaded military service during the Vietnam War.

Unlike the current commander-in-chief, transgender Americans have served and are serving in the military with honor and distinction. (See more at Our diverse and inclusive military implemented transgender service previously without difficulty. To reverse that now serves no legitimate military or national purpose. Transgender troops notably serve with honor in 18 other countries, including two of our close allies--the United Kingdom and Israel.

Medical science tells us gender dysphoria (gender orientation) is biological, not volitional. It reflects one's being, and is not a choice. Transgender people are our neighbors, not foreign terrorists or aliens from another planet. They are human beings and fellow Americans, morally deserving our acceptance and inclusion.

The American Psychological Association publicly opposes transgender discrimination, stating that being transgender "does not, by itself, limit the ability of individuals to function well and excel in their work, including in military service." The American Psychiatric Association also opposes transgender discrimination.

Provoked by a pernicious president's partisan political pandering, intolerant and judgmental Religious Right forces hypocritically hurl hatred at transgender Americans and obstinately oppose their right to serve in our military, as they once did against others they have considered unworthy or inferior--African-Americans, Native Americans, Jewish Americans, Japanese Americans, Muslim Americans, female Americans and gay Americans.

Radicalized fundamentalists who judge and condemn transgender, gay and lesbian human beings reject the theistic tribute "In God We Trust," biblical human creation by God in God's image (Genesis 1:27) and God's biblical judgment authority (Romans 2:1-3). In God they obviously do not trust because they presumptuously preempt God by judging and condemning God's human creations. Their anti-biblical stance also makes a malevolent mockery of the second great commandment --love thy neighbor as thyself (Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27).


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