BALANCING THE SALES APPROACH: How the inside sales team at Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions provides new franchisees a distinct advantage.

Author:Dunn, Tom

The franchise business model is more nuanced for business-to-business concepts and it can take years to evolve a brand to a certain level of success.

We've built a strong system at Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, and our franchisees will echo this because we provide deep corporate inside sales support. This can allow new franchisees to begin business with three to five clients already providing revenue during the first weeks of operations and allow existing owners to accelerate growth. Here are some lessons we've discovered on our journey.


In North America, Filta's primary service is active fryer management to make commercial kitchens safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable by micro-filtering existing cooking oil, providing bin-free waste oil collection, deep cleaning fryers and recycling waste oil into bio-diesel fuel. Think of our service as dialysis for cooking oil, with significant advantages of increased convenience, vastly improved kitchen safety and environmental sustainability.

We began in the U.K. in 1996 when founder Jason Sayers had a friend who was terribly burned in a restaurant kitchen cooking oil accident. He couldn't believe there wasn't a better, safer way to clean or dispose of used, hot oil than by emptying it into a bucket on the kitchen floor. After several iterations, Sayers worked with a company experienced in filtering oils in harsh environments to engineer our proprietary mobile filtration unit (MFU). This exponentially increased kitchen safety and convenience while extending cooking oil's life and eliminating the need for employees to handle hot grease.


In 2002, Sayers and his partner Victor Clewes brought Filta to the U.S., and they were confident they would be successful because of sheer market size and, frankly, the country's love of fried food. Today, our network of nearly 150 franchisees services almost 7,500 restaurants and commercial kitchens monthly across the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, some of our largest clients include institutional kitchens inside casinos, universities, hospitals, groceries, business facilities and collegiate and professional sports stadiums, including 21 of 30 Major League Baseball parks.

We recognized early that our franchise owners believed in our concept and cared for their customers, but they didn't always have time to promote and actively sell the Filta service. Also, not everyone is a natural born salesperson or comfortable...

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