Balance sheet: as a child, Charles Baker thought he'd grow up to be a professional numismatist. By the age of 15, he had amassed an extensive coin collection and ran a successful small business as a coin dealer. Instead, he's a CFO.

Author:Heffes, Ellen M.
Position:American Trading and Production Corp. - Biography

TITLE Chief Financial Officer

BUSINESS Real estate and wealth management, in Baltimore. Atapco Properties; Vice President and Treasurer, American Trading and Production Corp. Atapco Properties is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Trading and Production Corp., originally formed in 1931 to consolidate, expand and diversify the business activities of the Blaustein family, the founders of American Oil Co. (AMOCO).

BORN Oakland, Md., November, 1961.

SPOUSE Lisa Baker, for 21 years.

CHILDREN Two daughters: Caroline, age 17; and Olivia, age 14.

EDUCATION SUMMARY Loyola University Maryland, BBA, Accounting, 1985; University of Chicago, Executive MBA, 1996.

CAREER SUMMARY Financial and Operations Auditor, Black Se Decker Corp., 1984-88; Controller, Vice President Administration and Controller, Chief Operating Officer, Northern Computers Inc., 1989-99; VP Finance and Operations, Ratelntegration, 2000-2001; American Trading & Production Corp., VP Business Development, VP and Treasurer; 2002-12; Atapco Properties, CFO, 2011--present.

FEI CHAPTER Member of the Baltimore Chapter since 2002; current and past president, former member of the D.C. Chapter and Milwaukee Chapter.

LEISURE I like to work with my hands to build things. My father was a builder and I inherited that passion and interest from him. I also like cars and am currently restoring a 1971 big block Chevy Corvette convertible. And, I am also a "political junkie."

TIME MANAGEMENT I'm probably not the best at time management, but I try to focus on the important things first. I use "to-do" lists to prioritize and keep track of things.

STRESS MANAGEMENT I always take time to get out of the office for a sit-down lunch. This rejuvenates me for the afternoon. Nights and weekends, I like to build things as it takes my mind off of business and daily stresses.

FAVORITE BOOKS World War II history-related because of the courage exhibited by those who served and those who supported the war effort is simply incredible. A favorite is 1942: The Year That Tried Men's Souls. I'm currently reading Killing Lincoln, by Bill O'Reilly.

FAVORITE MOVIE Any action movie.

FAVORITE MUSIC I grew up listening to my aunt's old 45s, and later what would now be called "classic rock." I like all kinds of music, and mainly listen to rock, old and new. I'm currently going through an Elvis Presley and...

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