Balance sheet.


Though as a child he wanted to be an oceanographer and still has a strong attraction to the ocean, Paul Vitale has thrived in several other areas--most recently in his role managing the finances of the organization that represents the North American toy industry.


TITLE Vice President, Finance-and Administration, 2007-present.

BUSINESS Toy Industry Association Inc., in New York City. The nonprofit TIA represents businesses that create and provide toys and other youth entertainment products to kids of all ages.

BORN Brooklyn, N.Y., October 1958. SPOUSE Married to Marie for 30 years.

CHILDREN Michelle, 27; Stephen, 24; and Jaclyn, 18.

EDUCATION St. John's University, Queens, N.Y. A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Accounting, 1979 (completed college in three years and graduated magna cum laude).

CAREER SUMMARY Arthur Andersen & Co., Long Island, N.Y., 1979-90; Bar-ron's Educational Series Inc., vice president of finance, treasurer and corporate secretary, Hauppauge, N.Y., 199093; Sole practitioner providing accounting and tax services, Garden City, N.Y., 1993-98; Commercial Capital Corp., CFO and treasurer, New York, 1998-2001; New York City Chapter of the American Red Cross, senior director, Finance, 2002-07.

FEI CHAPTER New York City Chapter since 2000.

LEISURE Traveling, playing golf and softball, watching sports and spending time with my family, my coin collecting or sports memorabilia hobbies. TIME MANAGEMENT I like to do the simplest and easiest things first so I have a high sense of achievement that keeps me motivated.

STRESS MANAGEMENT If stressed at work, I'll stop working or leave early to clear my mind and take a break, so the next day I can approach everything with a better mindset. I'll also take some time to make "to do" lists to better prioritize things and clear away distractions. PERSONAL HERO My father, for all the support he provided as far back as I can remember - especially all those weekends through four years of high school when he'd take me to track meets; for his commitment to his family and community, and for a calm, loving, caring demeanor that continues to this very clay. BEST ADVICE RECEIVED When I wanted to leave a job to start my own practice, with two kids at the time and a big new mortgage, my wife told me to "go for it." She's never doubted me and always supports me.

BEST CAREER ADVICE GIVEN To my son: "Choose a career in something you really...

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