Balance sheet: financial executives need to listen as well as act decisivley, and Jeffrey C. Grubbs says getting that combination right is a key part of his personal and professional success.

Author:Heffes, Ellen M.

GOES By Jeff

TITLE Chief financial officer, chief operating officer.

COMPANY Bickmore, the nation's largest independent risk management consulting firm, for 22 years. Sacramento, Calif.-based Brickmore manages risk retention groups and provides actuarial, enterprise risk management and insurance consulting.

BORN Sacramento, Calif., June 1962.

SPOUSE Valerie, for 27 years.

CHILDREN Justin, married, age 26; Tavia, 24; Garrett, 16; Tara, 14; and Amy, age 12.

EDUCATION California State University-Sacramento, 1987 BS--Business Administration, Accountancy; Golden Gate University, 1997, MS--Taxation; CPA since 1989.

CAREER SUMMARY Deloitte, 1987-1989, Los Angeles, tax preparer/auditor; Ernst & Young, 1989-1991, Sacramento, senior tax preparer/consultant; Bickmore, 1991--present. Named CFO of the Year by the Sacramento Business Journal, 2013.

FEI CHAPTER Sacramento, since 2007. Chapter President 2013-2015, Membership Committee 2012-2013.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Board member of the Northern California Swim League and President of the Sac Town Tsunami Swim Team. I love serving on the board of this newly-formed recreational youth swim team. The team has grown from 40 to 130 kids over the last four years. My proudest moment was when we won our first conference championship in a come-from-behind win this year.


LEISURE What leisure time? Among activities are reading, wine tasting and watching super-hero movies with my 12 year old daughter.

TIME MANAGEMENT I keep lots of lists--daily, weekly, long-term. I am trying to move to Microsoft OneNote, but there's just something satisfying about crossing items off on a piece of paper and then throwing it away when done.

STRESS MANAGEMENT Working out at the gym and wrestling with my kids (only the small ones).

FAVORITE BOOK I love business books and recently read All the Devils are Here, by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera. What a mess ... and it's still not fixed. My favorite business book is Great by Choice, by Jim Collins. On the personal side, anything with a light saber in it.

FAVORITE MOVIE Bottle Shock. The father and son had very different and distinct character traits that, together, helped them succeed in changing an industry.

FAVORITE MUSIC Country, but unless it's Taylor Swift, my little girls don't get it.

FAVORITE APP Find My iPhone. It's probably obvious...

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