Bakeland; Nordic Treats Inspired by Nature.

Author:Foster, Rebecca
Position:Brief article - Book review

Marit Hovland; BAKELAND; Greystone Books (Nonfiction: Cooking) 30.00 ISBN: 9781771643108

Byline: Rebecca Foster

Bakeland, the first cookbook from photographer and graphic designer Marit Hovland, is full of creative and impressively detailed sweet treats that provide a "tasty trip through an entire year of Norwegian nature."

Arranged by season, these recipes re-create in edible form the natural treasures of Scandinavia. Delicate macarons are decorated like coltsfoot or blue anemone flowers, and the meringue peaks on a coffee ice cream cake resemble mountains. Hovland has an eye for tiny wonders as well as large ones: her almond cookies are shaped like siskin eggs, while the icing on hazelnut cookies depicts clouds drifting past a window.

Each treat is a work of art, requiring craft skills like stenciling and sponge printing as well as baking prowess. The results are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Hovland's chocolate rocks and seashells look so much like the real thing you'd hardly believe you can eat them. Just as convincing are her marzipan pears, naturally colored green with...

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