Desde la bahia: San Francisco.

Author:Varela, Jesse "Chuy"


UNDERGROUND MAMBO: For SF Bay Area salseros, there is a new website that is adding ah exciting new dimension to the resident salsa scene with its innovative approach of using Internet technology to unite lovers of Latin music and dance. is a collaborative effort between Felipe Martínez (a.k.a. DJ El de la Clave), who produces the site with Charles Mah and Gigi Chan.

" came about two ways," explains Felipe. "I was hosting an event at the Green Lantern in Mountain View, California, called 'Underground Mambo.' I was teaching the mambo class, and would DJ after the class. Charles and Gigi were attending the events, and we soon became friends. Over time, they became supporters of what I was doing, and suggested that the creation of a website promoting Latin music and dance would be a neat thing for the community since there really wasn't a strong community-based site that was socially networking and promoting all events and music in the Bay Area."

The result of their meeting led to the creation of Felipe is responsible for multimedia content and events, Charles does the marketing and partnerships, and Gigi is the designer who put together the site from scratch. Now, it has evolved into a social networking site that has individual profile pages for its members and unites over a thousand participating salseros around the SF Bay Atea (and Northern California in general).

BAY AREA SALSA DANCE-OFF: Salsa dancers, in particular, have grabbed onto the site as a forum to bond and communicate with each other about salsa happenings, as well as sharing pictures, videos and audio. The latest noveity was the initiation of the Bay Area Salsa DanceOff, an online salsa dance competition. The contestants were the cream of the crop of Bay Area Salsa dance teams: Son de Manía, Rica Salsa, Son Montuno, and the Pretty Boys & Girls Dance Company. Presented in HD, you could see clips of the teams performing a routine and then vote for your favorite team. The prizes included $500 for the winning team and $100 at random to any lucky voter for participating online.

The winners were announced by Underground Mambo at The First San Francisco Salsa Festival, on Saturday, March 28. The following announcement was sent out by Charles Mah: "Friends, we would like to congratulate Pretty Boys & Girls (PB&G) for winning the $500 prize and being's first Online Salsa Champions...

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