BAHAMAS-MEDIA-Media group condemns statements made by Deputy Prime Minister in Parliament.


The Bahamas Press Club (BPC) has condemned statements made in the Parliament by Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest, describing them as 'unfortunate and unfair'.

Turnquest told legislators last Wednesday that the content of shows such as 'Beyond the Headlines' came from the 'Black Belt Press' or 'Ghetto News Network,' which he said he doesn't watch, to save himself from having headaches.

But in a statement, BPC said that the contents of such shows are 'exactly the news that all politicians want and need when they seek to gain power or to retain it.

'They listen to the voices of the ordinary people, the people in the 'blackbelt,' the people in the 'ghetto,' BPC said in the statement.

The BPC said that it was denouncing Turnquest for his 'unfortunate and unfair marginalization' of a local television station and its news director Clint Watson, who 'ably defended himself, his news station and the show, which...

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