BAHAMAS-COURT-Foreigners fined , jailed for illegally entering Bahamas.


Fifteen people including 12 Haitians and two Chinese nationals, were wee convicted of illegally entering the country after they appeared in a Magistrate's Court here.

The authorities said that the 12 Haitians and a Colombian were arraigned in the Magistrate on Tuesday and were convicted of illegal entry and illegal embarkation and fined US$300 on each count or in default six months in jail.

However the two Chinese nationals, Limei Zhang and Jie Zhao, were convicted of overstaying and illegal embarkation and were both fined $3000.00 and $300.00 respectively on each count or in default nine months in prison.

But the authorities said that the two Chinese nationals as well as Guenther Elovidor and Rodelyn Lamour, were unable to pay the fines and...

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