Bagdasarian, Adam. First French Kiss, and Other Traumas.

Author:Durant, Olivia
Position::Young Adult Review - Book Review

BAGDASARIAN, Adam. First French kiss, and other traumas. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, Sunburst. 134p. c2002.0-374-42323-7 $5.95. JS

Bagdasarian, author of Forgotten Fire, introduces us to Will, a young boy growing up in California, in this autobiographical collection of short stories. Readers follow Will through childhood and adolescence, a journey full of humor and poignant moments. When he is very young, his family moves from Van Nuys to Beverly Hills, to a much larger house. At first, Will is excited, because he is only six and is thrilled at the idea of having a swimming pool and a chandelier. Then he sees how unhappy his older brother and sister are, and realizes that he too has left something behind. He and his brother Skip bond in their shared grief, even though they don't always get along. Years later, Will must cope with Skip departing for college and leaving him behind.

Will also has many romantic misadventures. While he is making out with his first girl at a party, he can't figure out how to breathe during their kisses in the closet. When going steady with someone else, he decides he just wants to be left alone. Whether writing about bullies, girls, or sports...

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