Back to the future.

Author:Katz, Steve

For this issue's flexo-focused feature, I ran out of room for a section on the "future of flexo." I'd asked those whom I interviewed, "What does the future hold for flexo in general?" In addition to that question, I'd asked a few others, and I received so much input, I could probably fill an entire issue's worth of supplier thoughts and musings--much of it really interesting.

Well, I ran out of room in the article for the experts' thoughts on the future. It turns out five pages weren't nearly enough for a feature article on flexo innovation. It's my fault, really, as the topic is way too broad. We usually sharpen our focus for our features, breaking processes down to cover--individually --flexo inks, flexo plates, flexo prepress, flexo presses, and so on. Attempting to lump each element into one article was definitely a challenge, especially working with so much content. Contributors were eager to be a part of it and spoke extensively on their respective areas of expertise.

Throughout my conversations, I often had to steer the topic back to flexography, as the words "hybrid" and "digital" kept coming up. Clearly, both will play major roles in the future of label printing. But again, that wasn't what the question was about. This leads me back to the future, meaning that question I asked and the answers I never got around to revealing in the article. It'll make for a standalone feature one of these days, perhaps on the L[??]NW website. For now, though, here are some snippets of what folks had to say:

"Flexo's future continues to be bright and filled with innovation.The solution of the screen, plate and anilox, brought together by advanced software technology...

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