Babblefish: promoting world peace through global communication.

Author:Jaskot, Johnny
Position:Website overview

Introduction: The Essence of Babblefish was conceived by Johnny Jaskot in 1996 to help people from all parts of the world, regardless of their language barriers, communicate over the Internet. Right from the start the Internet was a powerful tool for communication and people started sharing information and reporting from all parts of the globe. In order to help break through the language barriers, was conceived. It started out as a web development site offering language localization services and later included free online translators, world news, world facts, money exchange rates, special needs information and more. Over time the babbleboard, a message board for the world, was added and the site itself has grown to be a leading web portal.

The site is dedicated to "World Peace through Global Communication" and over the years that has become more and more prevalent as our world has plunged into global terrorism and chaos.

When asked to write about and our mission to promote world peace through global communication, it made me stop and think a bit about what it could be like if we had peace in the world today.

Imagine if we took the billions of dollars we spend in war and put it to better use like feeding, healing, educating and clothing the world's less fortunate.

Could the good leaders of the world unite in places like the UN and NATO and help the world be a better place to live for all, as opposed to allowing the leaders of the worst countries for human fights veto all efforts to help. Instead of seeking the cheapest labor in communist countries and countries with no workers' rights or pollution controls in place, could big business make a stand and demand that workers' rights be upheld and only do business where workers' rights and global pollution control laws are in place, complete with a world monitoring committee to ensure that workers' rights and global pollution laws are being enforced.

We are citizens of the world! We have rights and responsibilities.

A citizen: A person owing allegiance to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

The innovations of the 21st century have bestowed upon us this new designation. The barriers have been removed due to the convergence of technology and events that enabled countries to become part of the global supply chain for services and manufacturing,

As citizens of the "New World" what is...

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