B. (§8.12) Annexation by Double or Triple Majority

LibraryLand Use (OSBar) (2010 Ed.)

b. (§8.12) Annexation by Double or Triple Majority

The sine qua non of ORS 222.170 and related statutes is to "allow annexations without elections in circumstances where consent is obtained from specified majorities of the property or persons in the area to be annexed." Johnson v. City of La Grande, 167 Or App 35, 42-43, 1 P3d 1036 (2000) (emphasis omitted).

A double majority (as opposed to dual majority, see §8.8) annexation may occur without election if more than half of the electors in the territory and the owners of more than half of the land in the territory consent in writing to the annexation. ORS 222.170(2). The consents must be filed before the public hearing required in ORS 222.120(2). The city may still decide (or be required by charter) to submit the issue to the voters of the city, but it will not need to conduct an...

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