Avis Rent-A-Car Wins Ok Of N.Y. DMV To Begin In-House Processing Of Registering Its Vehicles.


ALBANY, N.Y. - The New York State Departnment of Motor Vehicles and Avis, Inc. have announced an agreement that enables Avis Rent-A-Car to begin in-house processing of its vehicle registrations. This public-private sector partnership will improve efficiency and save time and money for both A vis and the DM V. according to Motor Vehicles Commissioner Pat Adduci and Avis, Executive Vice President of Administration Charie, Bovino.

At the Avis World Headquarters in Garden City, Long Island, company personnel will process its New York State vehicle registrations and issue license plates on site. Avis has about 17,000 vehicle registered in New York Stale at anyone time, and the fleet constantly change in Bovino said. The company estimates that it's workers spend approximately a 2 work-weeks each year processing paperwork to get cars registered through DMV. In-house processing should dramatically reduce this use of resources and give the company greater flexibility, Bovino noted.

"We'll be able to register and plate each new vehicle as it arrives...

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