AVI. Crispin; the cross of lead.

Author:Griffin, Maureen
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

AVI. Crispin; the cross of lead. Hyperion, 310p. c2002. 0-7868-1658-9, $6.99. J*

To quote from the review of the audiobook in KLIATT, November 2002: Following his mother's death, Asta's son finds out his name is Crispin. The 13-year-old boy flees his poor village, pursued by the cruel steward of the manor. Crispin falls into the hands of a huge juggler, known as Bear, who needs a music-maker as companion. Bear protects and gradually teaches the boy, who is amazed at the bustle and small freedoms found in English city life. Through his mother's cross, Crispin realizes he is the illegitimate son of the great lord.

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