Avaya announces self-service/speech solutions, collaborates with IBM.

Position:New Products - Brief Article

Avaya Inc. recently announced new releases of its unified communications and contact center solutions, which deliver self-service functionalities across an organization through speech-enabled applications. Avaya Unified Communication Center 2.0 can increase the scalability of unified communications, enable support for up to 10,000 subscribers, integrate with IBM Lotus Notes calendar and manage through centralized administration using a single administrative interface. Avaya Interactive Response 1.2.1 adds new international support, expanding its speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities to more than thirty languages. It operates on higher-capacity servers and can let businesses deploy automated services for both customers and employees, allowing them to use voice automation to access information or make transactions via phone. Routine inquiries are handled through automated processes, freeing customer service agents to respond to higher-value or critical interactions.


Also, Avaya and IBM...

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