Avatar: an extension of White supremacy.

Author:Alexander Meade, Frederick

After having viewed the latest box office hit Avatar (http://www.avatarmovie.com), themes which seemingly resonate timelessly, find their expression once again. The story takes place on the distant planet of Pandora. This planet is bountiful in its natural resources and in particular "Unobtainium." This precious mineral is highly coveted universally, as a business interest from the distant planet Earth seeks to exploit the planet in gathering this resource for its own entrepreneurial purposes. Such an endeavor would be easily undertaken if not for the indigenous population of the planet, the Na'vi.

This group of highly intelligent, disciplined and physically gifted beings are a deeply spiritual people, who demonstrate complete deference for all forms of nature as they derive their sense of being and purpose from their deity known as Eywa, the source of all living things.

Indeed, Avatar's story line has been crafted from world history, as almost all indigenous people of color have had to contend with European colonizers determined to steal the natural resources existing in the lands of these populations. In Europe's quest to secure these resources belonging to foreign peoples, colonial forces demonstrated no regard for the indigenous people, their customs, or their right to exist as a sovereign body.

In the case of Africa, such European acts of unfettered exploitation found their expression no more so than in South Africa, where the British--among other European groups--for more than a century have and continue to subjugate the original peoples of the land while simultaneously raping the region of its most precious commodities--its gold, platinum, coal and diamonds.

Avatar's plot simply takes a page from this unfortunate segment of Africa's history, as it places a group of foreign mercenaries-primarily composed and completely headed by those of European ancestry--in the land of the Na'vi, who seek to rob the indigenous people of their organic capital.

A small band of supposed good doers--who through technology are able to mimic the appearance and abilities of other life forms--function as covert agents working on behalf of their mercenary cohorts, as they are instructed to make efforts to convince the Na'vi to remove themselves from their homeland so as to create a circumstance where by the theft of the regions considerable deposits of "Unobtainium" would be easily facilitated.

Jake--the lead character--heads this collection of duplicitous...

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