Author:Gonzalez, Alejandro

Ever more companies in Latin America are betting on automation of their industrial processes to reduce costs and improve productivity. And Emerson is the multinational providing a good share of the innovative solutions for automation required by diverse industries such as oil and gas, energy, chemicals, mining, and pharmaceuticals.

Process automation is a reality in Latin America. Increasingly, industrial, mining, and oil companies, among others, are implementing these technologies in their daily operations to increase competitiveness, reduce costs, improve the security of their facilities, and ramp up productivity. Latin American companies including Petrobras, Pemex, Antofagasta Minerals, Penoles, Arauco, and Codelco are making use of the competitive advantages of integrating digital tools into the entire value chain to achieve more stable and precise processes.

"The processes of automation at work in Latin America have a level totally comparable to those in operation in other regions of the planet, such as the United States or Europe. Thanks to these solutions, companies can improve their downtime and increase productivity," Peter Zornio, Chief Technology Officer, Emerson Automation Solutions, told Latin Trade.

Emerson is a world leader in automation technology, with operations in more than 150 countries and more than 1,800 patents awarded to its employees globally in 2016. The firm also has a portfolio of 51 wireless sensor products which have amassed more than 10 billion hours of operation.

In addition to implementing large projects, the company creates the instruments, valves, and sensors that make projects a reality in the oil and gas, energy, chemicals, mining, and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

The company's automation solutions have emerged from its culture of innovation and as a part of its goal to develop the most complete responses to its customers' needs based on its experience and deep knowledge of the industries.

This month, for example, Emerson rolled out a consulting service called Operational Certainty to help industries recover an estimated $1 trillion annually of operating losses. This is achieved through Plantweb Digital Ecosystem which integrates the technologies of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) into everyday work practices.

"Operating losses are the result of failures, security incidents, excessive energy consumption, emissions, and production costs," said Thomas Waun, director general of the...

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