Autism Causes, Prevention, and Treatment; Vitamin D Deficiency and the Explosive Rise of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Author:Lovy, Howard
Position:Book review

John J. Cannell; AUTISM CAUSES, PREVENTION, AND TREATMENT; Sunrise River Press (Nonfiction: Health & Fitness) 19.95 ISBN: 9781934716465

Byline: Howard Lovy

Cannell shines the sun on a possible cause of autism: lack of vitamin D.

When John J. Cannell was just starting out as a physician in 1975, he saw something that was then rare: a patient who fit the symptoms of a range of neurodevelopment disorders known as autism. Cannell practiced medicine throughout the 1980s without ever seeing another case, and it did not pop up again until 1991, the beginning of what has since been labeled an "autism epidemic." What happened between 1975 and 1991? While there are many theories and popular misconceptions about causes, no single answer has come to be universally accepted. In Autism Causes, Prevention, and Treatment, Cannell intriguingly, almost convincingly, has a single answer: vitamin D deficiency.

At first glance, this book may seem like Cannell is a hammer in search of a nail. He's been obsessed with vitamin D since 1973, when he linked its deficiency to a resurgence of rickets; since then, he has published twenty-three peer-reviewed articles on vitamin D. But as Cannell's arguments progress throughout the book, it all makes sense. What is the body's main source of vitamin D...

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