Autism and the Edges of the Known World.

Position:Book review

Olga Bogdashina (author); AUTISM AND THE EDGES OF THE KNOWN WORLD; (Science) $0.00 ISBN: 9781849050425

Autism is still a mysterious condition, but Olga Bogdashina finds evidence to suggest that we have much to learn about the world and our relationship to it from people who are almost continually exposed to a wide range of intense sensation.

Bogdashina, an educator, researcher, and the parent of an adult with autism, examines the process of consciousness and compares the experiences of non-autistic people with those of autistic people. While non-autistic people may look at a kitchen and immediately be able to recognize it as such from the presence of a stove, sink, and refrigerator, an autistic person may have to notice and identify every individual clue before labeling the scene correctly. While this process might be considered a cumbersome method in the context of societyas drive toward instant gratification and high speed activity, autistic people who view the world this way perceive the entire world in front of them instead of the brief sampling many non-autistic people come to rely upon. Thus, they can find things other people miss.

Bogdashina argues against the dismissive reaction of many scientists when faced with ultra-sensory scenarios that might be construed as supernatural. She writes, aIt is healthy to be skeptical about these phenomena but instead of denying their existence, isnat it wiser (and more scientific) to accept that...

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