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I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with the decision of the Journal to publish in its July/ August 2007 issue an article written by Robert M. Quinn, "Florida Tax Deed Sales are Getting Risky."

This article is incomplete as it presents as settled law several important principles allegedly based upon recent decisions of the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court which have either not yet been decided or are severely limited by the scope of the courts' actual holdings.

Several critical issues which are the ultimate focus of this article are being vigorously disputed and litigated in two separate cases I am handling and which are being litigated on the other side by Robert Quinn and his law firm Carlton Fields.

The first case plays a significant role in the article, Delta Property Management, Inc. v. Profile Investments, Inc., 875 So. 2d 433 (Fla. 2004), and is entering its seventh year of litigation in Duval County Circuit Court, wherein I along with co-counsel represent the plaintiff and Mr. Quinn and his firm represent one of the defendants. Another appeal dealing, inter alia, with the trial court's determination of the inapplicability of the Supreme Court's prior decision (discussed in note 17 of the article) is imminent. Another case also discussed in the text accompanying note 17 of the article, Luke Investments, Inc. v. Camelot Condominium Owners Association, Inc., (2d DCA Case No. 2D07-1682), is a case in which I, along with other counsel, represent the appellant Luke Investments, and Mr. Quinn and his law firm represent the...

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