Audrey's Magic Nine; The Pencil and the Dream.

Author:Dabbene, Peter
Position:Book review

Michelle Wright, Courtney Huddleston (illustrator), Tracy Bailey (illustrator), and Francesco Gerbino (illustrator); AUDREY'S MAGIC NINE; Penny Farthing Productions (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 14.95 ISBN: 9780999170922

Byline: Peter Dabbene

A young girl explores her past and present, one alien puppet at a time, in the children's graphic novel Audrey's Magic Nine: The Pencil and the Dream.

The Pencil and the Dream jumps right into the action, continuing from the first book with the story of Audrey, a twelve-year-old girl who lives in the suburbs with her adoptive parents. There are plenty of interesting subplots, including Audrey's relationship with a bully and her parents' attempts to hide their true selves in order to better fit in with their neighbors. The main story, however, revolves around Audrey's efforts to find and reunite the nine members of a protective alien council, who have been contained in the form of small hand puppets and scattered around town.

Audrey already holds a few of the puppets. As she finds more at a yard sale and...

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