Author:Anderson, Tasha
Position:ENTERTAINMENT - Play - Brief article

This spring Anchorage will be the location of the world premiere of "Audition." Dick Reichman, Cyrano's resident playwright and the author and director of "Audition," says his play "takes place in a small theater in a small American city, like Cyrano's."

Describing "Audition" he says, "A famous director from New York comes to give an acting master-class; she is Simone Crystal, an ancient ex-movie star and an early member of The Actor's Studio; she teaches her own brand of the Stanislavsky acting system. The play is the class she gives. The local actors who sign up for it are eager to overthrow their ordinary lives and follow their dreams to New York and a life in the theater. Madam Crystal is forming a new repertory company, they audition for it. Will she accept them? Will their dreams come true?"

Reichman, who resides in Anchorage, has been with Cyrano's Theatre Company since it opened in the early '90s. This is his ninth full-length play produced at Cyrano's.


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